Ability launches a crowdfunding campaign for a drug to combat cancer

by Gemma Escarré,

The company Ability Pharma, member of CataloniaBio & HealthTech, has just launched a round of investment of one million euros via the crowdfunding platform Capital Cell in order to continue development of a drug that eliminates cancerous cells.

The goal of the project is to turn cancer, the second leading cause of death in the world, into a chronic illness and thus forestall the death of cancer sufferers. The drug ABTL0812 is administered in combination with chemotherapy in order to augment the response to treatment, and afterward it is administered by itself to prevent relapses.

"We want to give small investors the possibility of investing in a company with a drug that is in clinical phase II, where the investment risk is lower but the returns can be up to 7 times the investment through an IPO or a license with a multinational in the pharmaceutical industry”, says Carles Domènech, the company’s cofounder and CEO.

Invest in it!

Inquiries: cdomenech@abilitypharma.com


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