Devicare promotes a clinical trial to prevent calcification of double J stent catheters

by Gemma Escarré,

Devicare and nine leading hospitals in urology have started the pioneering international "Double J" study to evaluate the combined use of a medical device and a nutraceutical in controlling urinary pH and inhibiting crystallisation in order to prevent the calcification of double J stent catheters and reduce the number of associated complications. Each year 90,000 double J stent catheters are implanted in Spain, approximately 25% of which lead to complications. 

"The calcification of a double J stent catheter implant can make surgical extraction complex, while when there are no encrustations it is an operation that lasts a few minutes" explains Dr Carlos Torrecilla, the trial's principal investigator, director of the Lithiasis Unit in Bellvitge University Hospital and national coordinator of the Lithiasis and Endourology Group of the Spanish Association of Urology.

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Photo: Dr Jordi Cuñé, medical director of Devicare, and Xavier Peris, sales and marketing director of Devicare


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