Grifols demonstrates a reduction of Alzheimer using its AMBAR treatment

by Gemma Escarré,

Grifols presented AMBAR (Alzheimer Management by Albumin Replacement) top line results phase IIb/III at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s disease congress hold on 27th October in Barcelona.

Dr Antonio Páez, Grifols Medical Director and Head of the AMBAR Clinical Program, confirmed that "the analysis of AMBAR data in moderate patients has shown positive, highly relevant results in a cohort of patients suffering from moderate Alzheimer’s disease."

The combination of Plasmapheresis, a well known and safe procedure used in plasma exchange, with Albutein® (Albumin) may offer a new treatment pathway for the illness

Fundació ACE in Barcelona and the Alzheimer Research Center of the University of Pittsburgh (USA) have been instrumental partners in the AMBAR research and in Grifols Alzheimer’s program since its initiation in 2004. 

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Photo: Those responsible for the Grifols AMBAR study in a 2012 archive image - © Europa Press


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