Senolytic Therapeutics and future anti-ageing therapies, in the 'Financial Times'

by Gemma Escarré,

Senolytic Therapeutics, a biotech company in the Life Biosciences group with offices in Boston and Barcelona, is the focus of a report in the Financial Times on how longevity and treatments for age-related illnesses are being promoted.

Life Biosciences was created in 2017 by David A. Sinclair, a professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and the investor Tristan Edwards.

Senolytic develops novel classes of medicines that target and eliminate damaged cells (senescent). The researchers believe, and have proven in pre-clinical trials, that de-constructing these zombie cells will offset the adverse effects of ageing. The company currently has three compounds in its pipeline.

The co-founders of Senolytic, doctors Manuel Serrano and Marc Ramis, will present these advances in key events between January and March: Longevity Therapeutics Summit in San Francisco, Longevity Leadership Conference in London and Undoing Ageing in Berlin.

Currently Serrano is group leader of the Cellular Plasticity and Disease laboratory at IRB Barcelona. Previously, he was a principal investigator at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) in Madrid. Ramis has extensive experience in the biopharmaceutical sector and in technology transfer to the sector.

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