Sibelmed launches new spirometry and sleep treatment products

by Gemma Escarré,

The company Sibelmed, member of CataloniaBio & HealthTech, has begun to commercialise the spirometer Datospir AIRA and the posture therapy device Somnibel.

"They are two products designed and manufactured according to the latest market trends”, says Albert Grau, sales director of the company.

Datospir AIRA is the only spirometer equipped with Bluetooth technology, and it comes in three models (single-use, Turbine and Fleisch). Likewise, Somnibel is a small, lightweight class-IIa device which attaches to the forehead as the patient sleeps and helps lower the incidence of sleep apnea and positional snoring. 

Sibelmed was created in Barcelona in 1980 and currently has a team of 50 employees. The company is specialised in medical equipment such as spirometry, audiometry and sleep diagnostics. 

Photo: Patient with Somnibel - © Sibelmed


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